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Technology must be a tool to make use of resources, both people and machines, in the best and most efficient way.


Avista Time delivers the most modern mobile IT system for the service sector as a mobile cloud service.

Avista 5, (the fifth generation of Avista's system) is built for both small and large organizations and handles both internal and external users in the system. For us, simplicity, flexibility and performance are a matter of course in order to tackle today's challenges in the service industry.


With today's changes, it is important to be able to adapt to the needs and requirements that delivery processes require. The system must be simple enough to be able to implement a change quickly and flexible enough to be able to adapt to the needs of your own organization and your customers reporting requirements.


Operational reliability and performance are a prerequisite for organizations that work 7/24/365 and 100% on Mobile, On-line and Off-line, Mobile: Android and iOS, Positioning NFC, QR and GPS

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