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Tjörns Miljö AB reaches quickly the staff in crisis situations
- Thanks to the Avista service, I now always know where the operating personnel are, says Vanya Sumic on Tjörns Miljö (Environmental Ltd's) planning department. Then I can quickly get in touch with the closest person if there is something that requires rapid response, such as water leak.
- The Avista service is easy to use and easy to adapt to our business, says Tor Haugen, president of Tjörns Miljö AB. When the operating staff comes to work, they log in by holding the NFC-phone against the NFC-tag in the lunch room. Then the group leader walks to the planning department and get today's work orders from Vanja Sumic. These work orders are linked to the NFC-tags in a binder in operational staff cars. In some places, such as the pumping of water that a particular person is responsible for, there are also fixed NFC-tags.
When the group leader received the work orders they are assigned out to the operating personnel, a total of ten to twelve people. Donald will replace water meters, Jill checking hydrants and Simon repair a faulty valve.
- They pull the mobile phone against the NFC-tag to indicate when a specific job is started and completed, says Tor Haugen. When the working day is over the operations guys logs out by holding the phone against the NFC-tag in the lunchroom.
About Tjörns Miljö AB
Tjörns Miljö AB has 22 employees and is wholly owned by the Municipality of Tjörn. The company shall on behalf of the Planning Board responsible for operation and maintenance of water treatment plants, municipal water and sewage network, sanitation, footpaths and cycle paths and green spaces, etc.
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