About Avista Time

Available on

Android, iOS and J2ME-enabled phones

Business idea

A user friendly production system in the service industry
Avista Time offers companies within the service industry the most user-friendly and cost effective solution for managing the daily production.
With our solutions you can in your organization get help to focus and distribute the working hours on your core areas. You free up time and resources from time consuming and tedious tasks.
Avista Time, a service company that helps other service companies.
Avista Time helps service companies to develop, improve and assure the quality of its operations by a mobile and web-based service, a cloud service.
The Avista service helps to simplify the daily management and facilitate long-term planning. Our services shall support and enhance your internal and external processes:
  • Scheduling, presence and absence management and labor reporting
  • Contracts, service plans and work orders
  • Documentation, reporting defects and deviation
  • Basis for the salary, billing and customer reports
  • Quality Controls
  • Communication internally and externally via E-mail, SMS, and instant messaging
Our services are enjoyed by many of our customers and our aim is to deliver our services that exceed your expectations. Therefore, we have our Avista Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.